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This is KFHC


Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation (KFHC) was established as a local housing corporation as a result of the Province of Ontario’s passing of the Social Housing Reform Act, 2000. KFHC was transferred to the City of Kingston in January 2001 as part of the overall transfer of all former Federal/Provincial housing providers. The City of Kingston is the sole shareholder of KFHC.

KFHC manages 957 rent-geared-to income housing consisting of 560 family household units and 387 adult units. KFHC manages 76 senior affordable units and 48 adult affordable and market units. The housing portfolio includes semi-detached, row housing and apartment ranging in size from bachelor to five bedroom units. 

KFHC buildings range in age from 58 years old to brand new buildings. KFHC strives to ensure the buildings are well maintained through upgrades to the physical exterior and interior elements of the buildings in addition to new heating systems.

The tenant associations work collaboratively with KFHC to increase energy efficiency, engage tenants and to improve safety issues.

KFHC in addition administers the Rent Supplement Program and Portable Housing Benefit of approximately 500 units for the City of Kingston. 

KFHC is committed to increasing affordable housing in Kingston and area and has scheduled two new mixed income developments to commence in early 2019. 

Our Mission Statement

Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation (KFHC) provides quality affordable housing, advocates for strong communities and demonstrates respect for all.

Our Vision Statement

As an active leader in housing, Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation will foster informed, engaged tenants and communities.


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