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Q: What is rent subsidy?

A: It is the difference between the market rent for the apartment/townhouse and the rent you pay based on your gross monthly income.


Q: What does "subsidy revoked" or "lose your subsidy" mean?

A: This means you must pay the full market rent for your unit. You can also lose your subsidy if you do not provide the documentation required for your annual subsidy review or if you do not notify this office of changes in who is living in the unit.


Q: How long do I have to report a change?

A: You must contact this office within 30 days of the change.


Q: What if I don't report a change within 30 days?

A: You can lose your rent subsidy.


Q: What if I give incorrect information about my income?

A: This is called "misrepresentation of income" and means you intentionally provided false information or failed to disclose all income sources. If the Criminal Justice System or the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal determines the misrepresentation is intentional, you will cease to be eligible for rent geared-to-income assistance for five years.


Q: What is the Annual Subsidy Review?

A: Each year you are required to complete a household composition form and provide documents to verify your income. Failure to do so could result in your subsidy being revoked.


Q: Who signs the household composition form and lease?

A: Anyone living in the unit who is 16 years of age or older even if they don't have an income.


Q: When will I sign the lease?

A: Before moving into the unit and anytime there is a change in who is living in the unit. You may be required to sign a new lease following changes to the Residential Tenancies Act and/or Social Housing Reform Act.


Q: What if I don't have any income?

A: You must pursue income to remain eligible for a rent subsidy.


Q: What if my income is so high that I am paying market rent?

A: Once you have paid market rent for 12 consecutive months, your subsidy will be permanently revoked. If your income decreases after your subsidy is revoked, you will need to re-apply for rent geared-to-income housing assistance through the Social Housing Registry Program.


Q: What is The Social Housing Registry Program?

A: This is a centralized system of managing the waiting list of all eligible applications for rent geared-to-income assistance in the Kingston and Frontenac area.


Q: What is a guest?

A: A visitor who has a permanent and legal residence elsewhere and can provide verification if required. A guest may stay up to 15 days.


Q: What is an Unauthorized Occupant?

A: Anyone who stays at your unit overnight or longer and does not have a permanent residence elsewhere. You can lose your subsidy and/or be evicted for allowing unauthorized occupants to stay in your unit.


Q: What if I want someone to move into my unit?

A: You must complete the form "To Add a Household Member" and this must be approved by your Property Manager before anyone moves into the unit. The new household member will need to be deemed eligible for a rent subsidy in accordance with the Social Housing Reform Act.


Q: How long can I be away from my unit?

A: 90 consecutive days. After that you may lose your rent subsidy (or have subsidy revoked).


Q: What if I am living in a unit that is larger than I am eligible for according to Local Occupancy Standards?

A: You would be considered overhoused and would be legislated/required to move to a smaller unit when suitable accommodation becomes available. You would remain on the KFHC Internal Transfer list for 12 months and then your name would be sent to the Social Housing Registry Program and put on the centralized waiting list.


Q: What if I don't agree with a decision that was made by KFHC?

A: You can request an internal review of certain decisions. You must put your request in writing to this office within 10 business days of receiving notification of the decision. Someone who was not involved in the original decision will carry out the internal review. The Internal Review is a paper review, not an "in person" meeting.


Q: What is the rent supplement program?

A: Under current programs, private market landlords have agreements with KFHC to lease apartment units in their buildings.

Under rent supplement, the tenant pays the rent-geared-to-income directly to the landlord each month, and KFHC pays the difference between the tenants' rent and the full market rent. Tenants for these units are selected by referrals made from KFHC to the rent supplement landlord from the internal transfer list and the centralized waiting list of KFHC.

For information on how to apply for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) assistance and special needs housing, please contact Housing and Social Services.

This information has been provided by Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation; however we cannot guarantee that the information is up to date. Please inquire about the accuracy of this information before acting on it.

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